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Expand news JFNM's First Ever Population Study of Jewish New Mexico (Posted: 06/29/2015)

We are delighted to present the full report summarizing the first Demographic and Attitudinal Survey of the Jewish Population of New Mexico, January 2015

Almost 1,700 Jews in our state took part in this ground-breaking survey. Thank you for your participation. Your help made all the difference. We hope that you will find the results as fascinating as we do.

The survey examined:

  • How Jews in NM identify as being Jewish, including denomination and upbringing
  • Attitudes regarding the importance of being Jewish and participating in the community
  • Level of Jewish practice, including religious and community involvement
  • Demographic characteristics

Major highlights include:

  • The majority of New Mexico Jews say that ‘being Jewish’ is “very important” in their life (with 59%), with another 31% saying it is “somewhat” important to them. Nationally, 46% say being Jewish is “very important,” 34% say “somewhat” and 20% say “not too/not at all” important.
  • Fewer say that being involved in the Jewish community is important to them, with 40% saying it is “very important” and 38% saying it is “somewhat important.”
  • A majority (56%) are members of a synagogue, and another 3% are members of an Independent Havurah or minyan and another 4% say there is no synagogue available nearby.
  • Three-quarters feel attachment to Israel, including 40% who are “very attached” and 38% who are “somewhat attached.” Nationally, 30% say “very” and 39% say “somewhat” attached.
  • The population of Jews in New Mexico is considerably older than the national Jewish population: one-third of New Mexico’s Jewish population is over the age of 65, with 11% over the age of 75 and 22% between the ages of 65-74. Nationally, 24% of Jews in America are estimated to be over the age of 65 (versus 17% of the overall population).
  • Fully 87% have moved to New Mexico from another state, but 40% have been here more than 20 years.
  • A majority of New Mexico’s Jewish population lives in Bernalillo County (55%), with another 6% in Sandoval County. Another 23% reside in Santa Fe County, while 6% are in Doña Ana County and 3% are in Taos County.

During the spring, we will conduct a series of focus groups to examine our community's attitudes in greater depth, and a second report will be produced in the summer of 2015.

Thank you for participating in this ground-breaking effort!

You Count!

Read the Results of the Jewish Demographic Survey of NM today

Results of the focus groups are being compiled and will be released in September 2015.